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Commercial Cows

Over the last five generations Jocko Creek Ranch has seen a lot of changes; from horses to sheep to Hereford cattle and finally the Angus cross commercial herd we are running today.

One might assume this herd would be the B team, however these cows really hold their own. Our commercials are high performance, low maintenance and well adapted to BC range conditions. Our commercial cows calve on the feed ground primarily from mid March to mid April. Calves are branded and pairs are turned out to spring pasture in late April. We turn bulls out June 6th, the majority of which are homeraised from our purebred herd. Near the end of June they are moved onto the Chuwells Mountain Crown Range. We usually don't see them until they come off range in early October. After weaning in late October the cows are moved to their fall winter pasture until we bring them home at the end of December to go on feed.

Typically our steer calves average 670lbs at weaning and our heifer calves average closer to 640lbs. These certified Angus, age verified, VBP+, CRSB, select vac gold plus calves are marketed direct or through BC Livestock Co-op.

As a sample of how our steer calves perform in feedlot, last year we sold a set of 47 steers averaging 660lbs. After 217 days on feed they averaged a 1495lbs out weight; an average gain of 3.85lbs/day. They averaged 867lbs carcass weight, AAA Y3 with a 14inch ribeye. Our calves netted a premium over base price for both yield and grade.

Meghan, Matt and Amanda have shown steers from this herd in 4-H and at local shows in our area. Typically our steers will finish at around 1500-1600lbs for our September show and grade AAA. Here's a quick peak at what our steers can do:

Amanda's 2019 Steer

BC Ag Expo Reserve Champion 4-H Steer

Finished Weight: 1540lbs
Grade: AAA Y2

Matt's 2018 Steer

BC Ag Expo Reserve Champion Homegrown

Finished Weight: 1580lbs
Grade: AAA Y2

Amanda's 2018 Steer

BC Ag Expo Overall Champion Steer

Finished Weight: 1490lbs
Grade: AAA Y2

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