Purebred Herd

A different kind of Angus, but the right kind for us. 

We have chosen to focus on breeding straight Canadian Angus genetics because we have found these cattle to be predictable, consistent in type and kind, and offer balanced performance throughout the supply chain. They have extra length and capacity while keeping all the other great Angus traits that we know and love; they offer great calving ease, desirable maternal traits, longevity and vigor while still being easy to handle. These cows produce a high percentage of calves weaned despite being calved out extensively in early spring conditions and going to range with minimal observation.  Calves with these genetics grow well on the cow on range and perform well in feedlots, finishing at 1500-1600lbs with a high percentage grading AAA with a yeild grade Y3 or better. They are low maintenance, sound, hardy cattle that work well at the ranch, in the feedlot and at the packing plant.


We sell our bulls privately out of the pen each year and they are ready to be looked at in January. If you're interested in our program feel free to give Jason a call. Take a look at the sires of our 2022 calf crop!

McGillivray Bardolene 78B

A home raised bull out of one of our top cows, Angus Acres Ruth 42P. His 2021 bull crop had the highest rib eye and marbling scores of our sire groups. He is smooth made and his females are heavy milking, high producing young cows. This is our last calf crop from MLLL 78B.

McGillivray Tomboy 29E

A home raised bull out of McGillivray Roseland 52A which goes back to Rivercrest Great Northern 7W. He is a clean fronted, deep bodied bull who sires masculine, smooth made, deep bodied bull calves. His females are easy fleshing and have exceptional foot and udder quality.

McGillivray Heads Up 103F

This bull is out of one of the top producing cows in our herd, McGillivray June 54Z. As a calf he had the highest weight per day of age of our 2018 bull crop. He is a well balanced bull with good calving ease and performance. He continues to work well on heifers and produce easy calving heifer bulls. 

McGillivray Tomboy 6G

McGillivray Tomboy 6G is out of an outcross heifer we purchased from Blacktof Angus. He was one of our highest gaining bulls following weaning. He is long bodied and correct with a heavy hair coat. His sires moderate birth weight, deep bodied calves, and similar to their sire, his bull calves had the highest post weaning daily gain.

McGillivray Canuck 49H

McGillivray Canuck 49H is out of a Bardolene 78B daughter, McGillivray Black Velvet 111F. We selected him as he was our highest marbling bull from our 2020 calf crop. He is a stylish bull with great calving ease and good temperament. We are very pleased with his calf crop so far.

Angus Acres Jumbo 91G

This bull was purchased from Angus Acres and is out of a premium cow, Angus Acres 91T. He is a clean footed, clean headed, deep bodied bull with traditional Canadian Angus look and a lot of performance. We used him on some of our favourite cows and are looking forward to seeing what he can add to our herd.

Longview Canadian 4G

We selected this bull from a herd in Saskatchewan for his excellent mother, length of body and muscle expression. He is a smooth, clean headed bull with great calving ease. His calves are eye appealing with excellent foot structure and plenty of performance. 

Sealin Creek Northern 65G

Sealin Creek Northern 65G was a standout bull from Sealin Creek’s herd. He is out of a top Bar Lad cow and brings some new Canadian genetics to our herd. He is a really smooth, thick, easy fleshing bull. His bull calves were some of the first selected out of our 2021 bull pen and we expect his calves this year will continue to impress. 

Cudlobe Enhance 22H

We purchased this bull in partnership with the intension of adding some carcass performance to our herd. He has excellent birth wight, performance and carcass EPDs. His first calf crop is on the ground and we are excited to see how they develop.

Z-Bar Tradition 10E

ZBR 10E was our top pick of Z-Bar Angus’ 2017 calf crop. We have used him for a number of years on our heifers as he consistently produces smooth, well balanced calves with exceptional depth of rib and muscle shape.  


Meghan, Matt and Amanda have enjoyed showing our purebred females at local shows over the years. Here's a quick peak:

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