In August 2018 our ranch became certified by the Verified Beef Production Plus (VBP+) program. Sustainability has long been a focus on our ranch. The VBP+ program's transparency and partnership with producers made it an easy decision to enroll. 

Additionally, registration with the VBP+ program means that our operation meets the requirements for Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) certification. We are proud to demonstrate our commitment to responsible stewardship of our cattle and the environment. 

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Herd Health Program

Our herds follow a complete, preventative herd health program that we have found works well for us. Heres a quick glance at our year:

Jan. Winter Processing

Cows are vaccinated with Bovillis Guardian and treated with pour on Bovimectin.

Feb. Pre-calving Processing

First calve heifers receive a booster of Bovillis Guardian.

Mar/Apr. Bull Processing

Yearling bulls are semen tested, freeze branded with their tag number and tested to ensure they are negative for BVD. They also receive a booster vaccine of Bovi-Gold FP5 and Ultrabac 7/somubac. When scheduling allows we try to ultrasound for carcass data at this time as well.

Apr. Branding Processing

Cows and yearling heifers are vaccinated with Bovi-Gold FP5 and treated with pour on Sabre.
Calves are vaccinated with Bovi-Gold Oneshot and Ultrabac 7/somubac and treated with pour on Sabre. 
Purebred calves are tattooed and branded with a connected lazy ML. Commercial calves are castrated and branded with a connected lazy JM.

Aug. Yearling Heifer Processing

Yearling heifers are pregnancy checked.

Oct. Weaning Processing

Cows are pregnancy checked and treated with Ivomec.
Calves are given a booster vaccination of Bovi-Gold Oneshot and Ultrabac 7/somubac and are treated with pour on Ivomec.
Purebred calves are weighed.

Winter Feeding Program

Replacement Heifer Calves 

Heifer calves and Gus at morning feeding

Replacement heifer calves are wintered on long hay or round bale haylage. They are supplemented with 4lbs/head/day of rolled barley ration containing mineral supplement from weaning in late October to mid April at the time of turn out.

Bred Females & Herd Bulls

Cows walking home from winter pasture

Bred females graze on winter pasture into December and receive a protein supplement during this time. Once on the home ranch, bred females and herd bulls are wintered on long hay or round bale haylage. They have access to free choice loose mineral.

Bull Calves

Bull calves at morning feeding

Bull calves are developed on long hay or round bale haylage. They are fed 1lb barley ration per 100lbs body weight to a maximum of 9lbs/head/day to achieve a target weight gain of 3lbs/day from weaning in mid October to mid April.

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