3377 Lac Le Jeune Road
Kamloops, BC



Do cows seem like they are somewhere they shouldn't be?

We are privileged to ranch in an area very close to Kamloops and amongst areas that many people utilize for outdoor recreational activities, however this can bring about some challenges.

If you see cattle on the road please call us right away as this is dangerous not only for our livestock but also for individuals on the road.

Similarly, if you see fences that have been cut, gates that were opened or other vandalism or trespassing please let us know urgently as we care very much for our livestock and place a high priority on keeping them safe.

Please Call!

McGillivray Livestock


3377 Lac Le Jeune Road
Kamloops, BC V1S1Z2, CA

Phone Number

Jason McGillivray: 250-319-6925
Susan McGillivray: 250-320-1997

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